What are the causes of Regionalism in India?

Basically, the disparity in economic, political, per capita income and consumption, industrial progress, urbanization etc. are the causes of Regionalism in India.

1. Disparity in Per Capita Income

Among our 28 states and 7 Union Territories, we find that some states have more Per Capita Income (PCI) and some states have lower. The State like Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, Gujarat have very high Per Capita Income as against the states like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Assam etc. have very low Per Capita Income. The States of lower PCI criticise the higher states and the higher PCI States underestimate the lower PCI states. This leads to the feeling of Regionalism.

2. Disparity in Per Capita Electricity Consumption

The State which consume more electricity, means more industrial development in industries, employments etc. Less the electricity consumption, less the development and less the progress.

3. Difference in Industrial Growth

The Industrial growth symbolizes the economic growth; generation of mass employments, increasing purchasing power etc. For example, since last nine years Maharashtra is industrially most progressive than other states in India. This creates ill-feeling among other states that they are backward in economic development.

4. Disparity in Degree of Urbanization

The states which industrially developed, they have got the degree of urbanization higher. This denotes the economic, social, political, progress. The cities and towns in Maharashtra, Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai are more developed than Bihar, UP. Rajasthan, Assam etc.

5. Disparity in Agricultural production

The states which have favourable monsoon, irrigation facilities can have more agricultural production. Therefore, we find farmers of Punjab & Haryana are rich as compared to the Rajasthan and Gujarat.

6. Difference Between the People Living Below Poverty Line (BPL)

Sometimes, this is also the reason for regionalism. The state having more the people below poverty line are poor and the state having more the people above poverty line are rich. There we find the difference between Per Capita Income, Per Capita Consumption, consumption of electricity, employments etc. is more.

7. Disparity in Infrastructural Facilities

In developed states which have large towns and cities infrastructural facilities are more easily accessible that makes the reason for regionalism.

8. Glorious Historical Background

Some states have glorious history which some states don’t have. The states like Bengal, Rajasthan and Maharashtra may boast of the glorious historical background and ridicule the States of Eastern India. That may even reduce the feeling of goodness to these states and become cause for regionalism.

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