What are the major causes of Drug Addiction?

1. Availability of Drugs

If the drugs are readily available, the people are bound to use them and those who have already experienced it may use them regularly. Even if the drugs are nor easily available, potential abusers are ready to go to any extent to obtain them. Hence many times drugs are smuggled in the country.

2. Peer Pressure

The teenagers take drugs to be accepted by the group or else they may feel isolated. Drug abusers seek approval for their behavior from their peers so they often try to convince others to join their habit.

3. Personality Traits

Many drug abusers are immature and hence they are not able to cope with problems, anxieties and frustrations in a mature and rational way. For them drug provides a temporary source of adequacy and a feeling of being able to cope with the pressures in life. In short, drugs are used as a means of escapism from reality.

4. Curiosity

Many people have a temptation for drugs. Just for the sake of curiosity they experience with a drug and this later on develops into addiction. The teenagers, generally belong to this category. The first taste and its effects on the user will influence the users decision to use it again or not.

5. Alienation

People want a family, peer group, a community and a country. Many people feel isolated in the rush of people and those who are not able to sustain themselves in the competitive world do feel the pressure. They become alienated from the society and if they find drugs, they get addicted to it.

6. Hedonism

It means the idea that pleasure is the most important thing in life. Some people are hedonistic and they simply want good experiences every time. This is provided only by the drugs.

7. Psychological Dependence

There are some drugs that have the power to affect or change the mood. It directly affects the central nervous system of the body and creates a psychological dependence for its use.

8. Physical Dependence

When the drug abuser stops the use of drug he experiences withdrawal symptoms such as vomiting, fever, hypertension etc. This leads to physical dependence.

9. Parental Influence

The children of the addict are at a high risk of drug addiction because the children are bound to imitate the parents. Hence if the parents take drugs, their children may also become drug addicts.

10. Socio-Cultural factors

In certain societies of the world taking drugs like bhang, charas etc is a normal practice. People in such a society do this only for the feeling of unity and fatigue.

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