What are the main causes of Blindness?

A person whose vision is totally or partially lost or whose vision is 6/60 or less are called blind or visually disabled. Blindness is a major disability amongst all forms in India.

Following are some of the main causes of Blindness:

1. Cataract

In spite of mass awareness programmes conducted and easy treatment for cataract, it is one of the major reason for blindness in India. It is associated with old age and can be easily cured with a simple surgery or laser treatment.

2. Glaucoma

Pressure on the cornea leads to this kind of disease which might lead to partial or complete blindness.

3. Trachoma

It’s a poisonous kind of conjunctivitis that is cause by bacteria. If not treated immediately can cause spread of the disease as well as loss of eyesight.

4. Night Blindness and Colour Blindness

Lack of vitamin A causes night blindness that is loss of vision after sun set and lack of nutrients and genetic disorder can cause colour blindness.

5. Accidents

Eyes are one of the most delicate body organs. Injury of any kind to the cornea or retina can be dangerous to the eyesight.

6. Other Diseases

Hyper tension, diabetes or stroke can be the cause for partial or complete blindness.

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