What are the most common causes of alcoholism?

There are many factor and forces responsible for the alcoholism as given below:

1. Social Inadequacy

According to Elliot and Merill, “Quarrels between friends and lovers, breaches of conjugal faith, disappointment in love may all reduce the individual to extreme melancholy.” When the person is not trusted or is deceived by others can give himself to alcoholism.

2. Occupational Exhaustion

The people working (labourers) in factories and industries may be under fatigue due to engaged into the same occupation year by year. They have belief that one can loose fatigue or tiredness after consuming alcohol.

3. Ignorance and False Notions about Alcohol

Sometimes people are unknown to evil effects of alcohol on person and society. They have also some false notions such as alcohol supplies added strength, vigour and vitality and makes the person feel physically fit for more energy.

4. Fashion in Modern High Society

Nowadays it has become a fashion for the people (male & female) living in high society. Otherwise they are called as backward. Therefore, to be called as modern and fashionable people consume alcohol.

5. Companionship and Fun

It is the fact that the people who are drinking have more friends and relations and they for the sake of companionship and enjoyment (fun) become alcoholics.

6. Drinking and Business Considerations

When there is some business deals to take place, to have good prospects in business, even to enhance business activities the business big shots organise wet parties where drinks are the compulsory item and distributed among the members of the business circle lavishly. If drinks are not served in the parties, then the host is taunted critically by the guests.

7. Growing Industrialization and Urbanisation

The materialistic outlook has been developed among the middle class which are working in the grown industrial areas and resulted into urban areas. They mostly engage many kinds of addictions.

8. Frustration

The people in a miserable conditions, frustrated mentality or failure in life think that there is only way to ward off all these miseries is drinking alcohol. Therefore, they visit to the beer bars and wine shops and get addicted gradually to the alcohol.

9. Pleasure Seeking Standard of Living

Some people think that God has given us human life and it is for pleasures only. Therefore, whatever material world is there we should exploit it. Drinking is the god’s gift and why should be abstain from it? This is the thought that take them to the alcoholism.

10. Sudden, Unexpected Success and Failure

The person who have got sudden and unexpected success in the business or professional life can in a state of extreme happiness go for drinking. At the same time, all the way successful person gets failed suddenly also become a drunkard.

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