Briefly analyse the characters of ‘A Telephone Call’.

The telephone is almost like a character in the story. There are specific social rules for using the telephone and they place men and women in different and unequal position of power. The telephone becomes the main antagonist – the cause of anxiety but at the same time a potential saviour. The woman in her obsession uses aggressive and violent language towards the telephone. All the desires in her are provoked by the telephone but the real blame lies with the caller.

Apart from the woman, there is a second pseudo-character which is G’d. He is omnipresent but absent in all forms.

Both the telephone and G’ d have male connotations reflecting the power equation.

The woman in question displays obsession. Her monologue shows her thoughts as unbalanced and incoherent. She sounds hysterical but the story is told entirely through her point of view. The reader tries to empathize with her feelings.

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