‘Bravery is spontaneous’. Explain with reference to the poem.

Custard was truly brave and did not boast like Belinda and her other pets. Custard had the courage to face real danger, whereas other ones only boasted of their bravery. Custard faced the pirate and killed him, and he proved it by not running away. Bravery and courage are qualities that are exhibited when someone actually faces a dangerous situation. Thus these qualities are spontaneous, taking the example of Custard. The incident mentioned in the poem reveals a basic truth that the real test of courage is during a crisis. The dragon though never put his strength on display but exhibits it in action when it was required to do so.

A person exhibits many qualities in his genes. The attribute of a dragon is always dangerous and fierce. How could he look for a safe cage all the time? He had hidden bravery inside him, of which he was unaware, and has been mocked as a coward. In a real sense, Custard was not at all a coward, he was brave by birth, but he had no chance to prove it before. Bravery reacted spontaneously when he killed the pirate and saved all.

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