What are the major branches of Philosophy?

Literally speaking philosophy is love of wisdom. It includes search of knowledge without any limitation. The vast subject matter of philosophy can be subdivided as follows:-

1. Metaphysics: It studies the problems regarding reality It is divided into Ontology i.e. study of Being and Cosmology i.e. the study of physical universe.

2. Epistemology: It studies the basis, the nature and the scope of human knowledge.

3. Logic: It studies the principles and methods of reasoning. It helps to distinguish between good reasoning and bad reasoning.

4. Ethics: It is related with human conduct, character and values. Ethics also explores into the problem of practical life i.e. morality.

5. Aesthetics: It is concerned with the problems of Beauty. Our feelings, creation of art and principles of art, literature fall within the scope of Aesthetics.

6. Analytical Philosophy: It studies the linguistic problems which give rise to philosophical problems.

7. Social Philosophy: It studies the interrelation of social organizations and the relation of individual to these organizations.

8. Political Philosophy: It seeks insight into the ideals of State, the functions of the State etc.

9. Philosophy of Religion: It studies the central notions in religion and tries to seek rational explanation of and justification for concepts like God, evil etc.

As every branch of knowledge arises from philosophy, there can be philosophy of education, philosophy of management, philosophy of history etc.

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