Both Derry and Lamb are victims of physical impairment but much more painful for them is the loneliness. Comment.

Derry’s main problem is his burnt face. One side of his face had been burnt by acid. He suffers from a tremendous sense of inferiority complex. He is always conscious of the fact that his face is “bad”, “terrible” and “the ugliest thing”. People are “afraid” of him. He tries to escape from people. He allows himself to be alienated from the world. On the other hand, Mr. Lamb doesn’t allow his physical disability to come in his way. He accepts life as it comes. He has a positive attitude towards life, things and people. He doesn’t find solace in escapism. Children tease him by calling him “Lamey-Lamb” but he doesn’t mind it. One of his legs was blown off in the war. But he is full of life and enjoys it to his best. He enjoys sitting in the sun, reading books and growing weeds and flowers.

Derry is withdrawn and defiant. He doesn’t trust people. He thinks that no one will ever love and kiss him except his own mother. He can’t stand people staring at him or passing uncharitable remarks. He is touchy and hyper sensitive. Mr. Lamb is open-minded and open-hearted. All are welcome. He loves everybody and everything. He teaches Derry how to handle people and things.

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