Bholi was believed to be a ‘dumb cow’. What turned her into a fearless, bold and confident girl?

Everyone called Sulekha: Bholi, the simpleton. She used to stammer and her face was disfigured by pock-marks. She was not wise and not beautiful. She was ill-treated by everyone. She was sent to school as she supposedly had no future. But her education changed her personality. Her teacher’s love and affection moulded her. She became confident and bold. She knew what was good or what was bad. Her father agreed to marry her to Bishamber. But she didn’t accept to marry the lame, old and greedy man. Education had, thus, turned Bholi into a fearless, bold and confident girl. She even chose her future rightly. She told her parents that she would serve them in old age. Thus she became an inspiration for all girls and she became a teacher in the same school where she had studied. She took a very bold decision of rejecting Bishamber.

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