What are the benefits of advertising to the customers?

Advertising not only benefits the producers and traders but benefits the customer as well. Advertising provides awareness of the existence of the product to the customer. Customer satisfaction is of immense priority in modern marketing and the importance of advertising can’t be ignored as such. The importance of advertising to customers can be discussed under the following sub-head:

1. Convenience

When we know that we have to buy the product of a particular brand name, we shall not waste our time in searching out for the best one. We can make a choice even before we go to the market.

2. Education of the Consumers

Advertisements help us to become aware of the uses of a new product and the functioning
of the electronic items. If there are no advertisements, we shall never be able to know about the new companies that enter the market or the introduction of new and better products in the market.

3. Fair Prices

Advertisements reduces the cost of the product by providing the firms with the advantages of economies of scale and the elimination of the middleman. As a result, customers get goods at lower prices. Many expensive products of yesteryears have come within the reach of the common masses due to continuous advertising and consequent reduction in prices. Prices of widely advertised products tend to be stable during adverse business conditions such as depression.

4. Better Quality

As said earlier, the producers always try to retain their old consumers and make new ones by introducing some special changes in their product to make them differentiable from the others. Manufacturers are forced to maintain better standards of the commodity to retain consumers.

5. Contact between Producers and Consumers

Advertisements provide links or contact numbers of the product or the service so that the consumers can report their grievances against the use of certain products so that the quality can be bettered. Hence, it
brings the consumers and the producers closer to each other.

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