What are the benefits of advertising to business firms?

There are number of advantages of advertising and without advertising today it has become hard to market your product. Advertising is an art of influencing the customers through paid non personnel presentation to purchase and possess a product.

It is possible to formulate the definition of advertising as an instrument of marketing communication oriented to the dissemination of information with the aim of attracting customers to the goods and services of the company. Thus, advertising has the following advantages/ benefits to a business firm:

1. Awareness

Advertising increases the brand and product awareness among the people belonging to the target market.

2. Brand Image

Clever advertising helps the business to form the desired brand image and brand personality in the minds of the customers.

3. Product Differentiation

Advertising helps the business to differentiate its product from those of competitors’ and communicate its features and advantages to the target audience.

4. Increases Goodwill

Advertising reiterates brand vision and increases the goodwill of the brand among its customers.

5. Value for Money

Advertising delivers the message to a wide audience and tends to be value for money when compared to other elements of the promotion mix.

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