As Valli, make a diary entry about your experience of riding the bus alone for the first time.

April 27, 2022, Wednesday

Dear Diary,

Today my long awaited desire to ride a bus was fulfilled. The other passengers inside the bus were initially curious about me travelling alone. All, except the old lady, were very nice. I wonder why the conductor called me ‘Madam’. I stood up on the seat to feel the pleasant air and see attractive scenes. But an elderly man warned me from doing so. The new, white, gleaming bus moved along pushing the colourful panorama behind. New scenes filled the environment, when I saw a funny thing. A cow was running quickly across the road with its tail high in the air. I could not help clapping.

When the bus reached the terminus, all dismounted the bus. I too wanted to buy something but I dared not. What if the bus left without me? Moreover, I didn’t have much money. I am not going to accept anything from others either.

Anyway, the return journey was depressing. The amusing cow… now lay dead. Is life so short and so unpredictable? I wish someone could tell me.


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