‘Arguments and disputes seldom solve a problem’. Describe the dispute between Natalya and Lomov over the dogs and their superiority.

Natalya and Lomov fought over the superiority of their dogs – Squeezer and Guess. Lomov was pained to hear that despite many qualities, Guess had two major defects, i.e., the dog was old as well as short in the muzzle. Lomov was proud of his dog’s pure breed, its well-sprung ribs. It was also a good hunter.

On the other hand, Natalya’s high pedigree-squeezer was a bad hunter. She pointed out that her dog, Squeezer was better than Guess. She remarked that Guess was old, ugly and a worn-out cab-horse. She also called Guess a lame dog. Then Lomov stated that his dog had become lame since its leg had been bitten by some other dog.

Though Lomov had come there to propose Natalya as he wanted to marry her, they involved themselves in silly arguments — that also over petty issues. Their main purpose was sidelined in the dispute. But such silly argument should never come in the way of matrimony. Rather it is the attribute of tolerance and acceptance that paves the way to a good relationship.

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