Analyse the different rights which are not available to the citizens of Saudi Arabia.

Following rights are not available to the citizens of Saudi Arabia :

(i) Right to vote : There is a hereditary king who
rules country and the people of the country.
Citizens cannot elect or change their rulers.

(iii)Freedom to form associations : Citizens are not allowed to form political parties or any political organisations. King has censorship over media i.e. reporting cannot be done against his wish.

(ii) Rule of law : the members of legislature and executive are selected by the king. He also appoints the judges and can change any decision
of judiciary.

(iv)Freedom of Religion : There is no freedom of religion. Every citizen is required to be Muslim. Non-Muslim residents can follow their religion in private, but not in public.

(v) Equality : There are many public restrictions on women. The testimony of one man is considered equal to that of two women.

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