An Ideal Government Would Not Only Keep Itself Away From Corruption but Also Make Fighting Corruption and Black Money a Top Priority. Justify the Statement by Highlighting the Values Attached to It.

The three ideal values of a government are legitimacy, responsiveness and accountability. An ideal government would not only keep itself away from corruption but also make fighting corruption and black money a top priority. This can be justified as follows:

  1. Legitimacy: A government elected by the people is expected to work for their welfare. Corruption and black money are sources of social evils like poverty, inflation and poor political ethics.
  2. Responsiveness: A government is run by the representatives who have the mandates of the people of their constituencies, Such evil practices will demotivate the people to re-elect their representatives,
  3. Accountability: A government is accountable for the management of the polity and its resources. Corruption and black money hinder the optimum allocation of resources.

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