What are the different types of execution styles in advertising?

Execution styles refers to the manner in which advertising message is presented to the customers. The impact of message is majority dependent upon how the message is presented in front of the audience.

Following are the various execution styles adopted to convey messages:

1. Straight Sell

In this style message focuses upon the product and its attributes that will motivate consumers to purchase. It believes in straight forward presentation without exaggerating.

2. Scientific Message

In this message, an advertiser tries to prove scientifically how their product is better than competitors’ product. It is applicable to those products where the competition is high. Eg:The “Ghadi detergent” shows how it is tested in laboratory.

3. Demonstration

It illustrates the main advantage of the product by showing it in actual use or in some situation. This style is more effective as a live demonstration can be seen and it helps to achieve the trust in the mind of consumers.

4. Testimonials

Many advertisers present their marketing communication message in the form as the testimonial whereby a ex-consumer, person, etc. speak on behalf of the product based on their experience. To make it more effective a celebrity can also be involved in it.

5. Animated Character

This technique uses animated character that represents the product in ads. Eg: ZooZoos were the animated character introduced by Vodafone.

6. Dramatization

It uses the problem-solution approach as they show how the advertised brand can help resolve a problem. This execution style creates a suspenseful situation or scenario in the form of a short story.

7. Comparison

This type of execution involves an indirect comparison of a brand against a competitor. The competing products either are explicitly named or can be precisely identified by photos, images or trademarks.

8. Musical

Music has a long lasting impact on viewers or listeners. Thus, music adds extra impact. Eg: Nirma washing powder.

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