8 Advantages of Television (TV) in Education

Television is an extremely popular source of entertainment among youngsters today. The whole personality of the child gets involved while they watch television. Therefore television is the most powerful means of communication. It stimulates more than one sense and hence the learning becomes more permanent.

Advantages of Educational Television

  1. It has the potential to make available many inaccessible learning experiences.
  2. It brings about continuing cooperative planning by teachers, supervisors, learning material exports and skillful production team.
  3. Effective educational television broadcasts help in the growth of curriculum planning.
  4. A variety of audio visual aids such as film strips, slides, recordings, drawings, maps and other projected items can be demonstrated through television.
  5. It brings us a new kind of vision.
  6. It acquaints the children with literature, history and social life etc.
  7. It motivates the children as well as teachers as it has both the qualities of education as well as entertainment.
  8. National problems can be discussed on the television.

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