What are the advantages of studying Sociology?

Sociology as a subject of study is a new comer in the family of social sciences but today it has occupied very important position, which signifies its utility. It has become very important because it is concerned with human beings who act and react in the Society.

Sociology studies human resources and determines their social strength. It is a body of knowledge which studies social relationships in a systematic way. Needless to say that these relationships are very important for proper conduct of human life.

Sociology is becoming quite popular subject of study because it has some obvious advantages. These may briefly be discussed as under:-

1. It is a subject which helps us in assessing available human resources and extent of human resources needed for solving our social problems. In this way sociology helps in human planning process which contributes significantly in economic problem.

2. It provides us basic and fundamental knowledge about human society, which includes strong and weak points of society, including human relationships. In this way it saves us from duping in the dark.

3. Each society is faced with social problems, which in turn create economic and political problems. Some of the social evils are deep rooted and it is essential that these should be rooted out. Sociology helps us both in identifying those problems and finding out their solution. Without proper understanding magnitude of the problems, these can not be properly tackled.

4. It is sociology which helps us in conciliation and adjustment. Each society has diverse elements. These, if not properly reconciled, can result in dis-organization and de-stabilization of the society. It is sociology which helps us in understanding the extent of diversity and the way in which this diversity can be converted into homogeneity.

5. It is sociology which helps us in making social reconstruction easy.

6. Each society has its cultural heritage and wants to preserve that. It is sociology which high-lights and researches past culture heritages and also helps in the development and growth of cosmopolitan culture, so that there are no cultural clashes.

7. It helps in bringing family stability. It is sociology which helps us in identifying the causes of family instability and family disorganization. It is again sociology which tells us how emerging de-stabilizing trends in the family should be checked, so that strong family system continues.

8. It is sociology which helps us in understanding social problems. Many social problems remain unidentified and many with the passage of time become maladies. It is essential that these should be timely checked before their tackling becomes difficult. It is sociology which helps us in timely identifying of social problems.

9. It helps us in proper understanding of the needs of social relationship and the way in which this relationship should be maintained.

10. It is sociology which makes us tolerant by telling us good points and healthy customs, traditions, norms and value of other societies It enables us to appreciate what is the best in them which needs to be adjusted in our life style. Thus sociology helps us in tolerating others and appreciating their view point.

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