What are the advantages of newspaper advertising?

Newspaper gives a complete package to a reader, which gives them a combination of news, views, opinion, comments etc. They are also available in various languages which makes them more popular especially among urban areas.

Advantages of Newspaper Advertising:

1. Economical

The rate of newspaper advertisement is cheaper
as compared to broadcasting media. The rate of newspaper advertisement will vary depending upon following factors:

  • Popularity of the newspaper
  • Size of the advertisement
  • Which section of the newspaper advertisement appears.
  • Creativity of colours used.

2. Mobile in Nature

Newspaper can be easily carried from one place to another. Therefore, the advertisement published in newspaper can have wider scope. For instance, the advertisement placed in newspaper can be read by many. Thus, by purchasing one newspaper all family members and even neighbors or guest can also read.

3. Effectiveness of Advertisements

The effectiveness of advertisement can be checked by conducting pre and post sale analysis. For instance, the sales prior to the advertisement must be recorded and same can be compared with the sales after giving the advertisement in the newspaper. If the results are not as per expectations, corrective steps can be taken.

4. Longer Life

As compared to other media newspaper advertisement has longer life.i.e. for 24 hours. This will help advertiser to reach out at larger scale readers at a same time. Hence, reader can read newspaper at any point of time.

5. Detailed Information

A detailed advertisement can be given in newspaper. The features, price, terms and conditions etc can be written in detail. The advertiser can also give details about other products offered by company.

6. Wide Coverage

Newspaper capture certain geographical areas i.e. it reaches from local to regional and then to national level. Thus, having wider coverage at different age groups, income levels and rural as well as urban areas.

7. Flexibility

The editorial team accepts changes to be made in newspaper advertisement even one-day prior. Therefore, it gives the advantage of flexibility to advertiser, where a last minute changes are accepted.

8. Reference Value

Newspaper advertisement provides reference value to the readers. Readers can cut it and keep it for reference in future. The same cutting can be shared with relatives, friends etc.

9. Reliability

The advertisement placed in newspapers is highly reliable as it is monitored by ABC (Audit Bureau Circulation). It generates confidence in the minds of advertiser and customers rely on the ad given.

10. Status

Every newspaper, holds a particular status in the market, hence, depending upon the popularity of the newspaper, ad can be placed. It will help advertiser to get good response from the readers.

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