What are the advantages of outdoor advertising?

Advantages of Outdoor Advertising are:

1. Suitable Medium

Its capacity to create awareness is gigantic, the effects caused always meet the requirement for a simple message to be reached out to a vast number of people.

2. Less Expensive

Out of home advertising can be a lot less expensive as compared to traditional and digital advertising. A billboard on the side of the road and flyers distributed can be of a meagre cost instead of a TV commercial and expensive nationwide marketing endeavors.

3. Good Impact

Geographic adaptability featured by out of home advertising can be set along motorways, near stores, or on mobile billboards, anyplace that the law allows. Local, regional, or even national markets might be secured.

4. Lasting Impact

Once an out of home advertisement board is installed at a place, it usually remains there for a fairly longer period. Thus, it creates a lasting impression on the public. Wide coverage is possible for a longer duration. A 100 GRP appearing (the level of identical group of onlookers presented to an outdoor media advertisement. could yield a coverage equal to100 percent of the commercial center every day or 3,000 GRPs over a month. With appropriate position, a wide base of representation is possible in neighborhood markets, with both day and night nearness.

5. Enhanced Value

They say one remembers pictures and videos more than just plain texts, this couldn’t be more applicable here as Out of home advertising enables the use of graphics to a large extent.

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