Write a short note on Absolute URL?

An Absolute URL is independent or free from any relationship. It specifies the exact location of a file or directory on the internet. When you use an absolute URL, you target a particular file. Thus, each absolute URL is unique, which means that if two URLs are identical, they point to the same file. These URLs are always preferred as they help in web site maintenance. Moreover, it is easy to transfer a web site from one domain name to another, you need not to update each link on each page.

For example:


In above URL specifies an image file hardware.gif located in the images directory, under domain name www.thefreshcomputer.com.

If we want to include the image file hardware.gif stored in the images directory of www.thefreshcomputer.com domain on this page using an absolute url then the <img> tag for this image display will be as follows:

<img src= http://www.thefreshcomputer.com/images/hardware.gif width=”…” height=”…” />

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