A young seagull is too afraid to fly. His father and mother threaten him and cajole him to fly. Don’t you think that such type of strategy is followed by almost all parents to make their children learn? Substantiate your answer with examples.

The young seagull is scared to fly. He is afraid of the vast exposure of the sea beneath him. His parents cajole him to fly but he is too scared to fly. At the same time, he is desperate with hunger. He expects his parents to feed him. But he is left alone without food. They threaten him that he’ll die of hunger if he doesn’t fly. Then the mother persuades him with a fish within his reach, but not closer to him. He ultimately falls to temptation and dives into the sea and finally succeeds. All the parents should follow such type of strategy to make their children learn. They should not pamper their children by spoon feeding. They should make them independent. Parental strictness in making a child learn a skill shouldn’t be taken as a threat. It is in favour of child as without threat, the seagull won’t have learnt to fly; he would be starved to death.

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