A village fair is very different from a city one. It is usually held annually and is connected with a religious festival or harvest. The purpose of such fairs is usually to trade and to exhibit and sell village handicrafts. Describe one such fair.

India is a land of fairs and festivals. There is hardly a month when there are no fairs and festivals. This shows that there was a time when India was fabulously rich. The people were happy and prosperous. They enjoyed life.

A fair is an important event in the life of the villagers. It breaks the monotony of their life. They enjoy it most heartily. The village children enjoy themselves for a day. It is a pleasure to see a smile on the face of the careworn wife. I happened to visit the Baisakhi fair last year. It is held every year in a village close to ours. It was attended by thousands of villagers from the neighbouring villages. Everyone seemed to be in a holiday mood.

There was no end to their gaiety. There was a lot to attract and fascinate me. The villagers were putting on gaudy clothes. The children were happy beyond description. The raw villagers sang rustic songs. They danced to the beat of drums and made merry. There was great stir and excitement. The bazaar was overcrowded.

The confectioners had their day. All sorts of sweets (good or bad) were sold like hotcakes. Children gathered at balloon and toy shops and maidens patronized bangle, soap and hairpin sales. There were handicrafts of different states to be sold. There were jugglers and rope dancers. Palmists were carrying on a roaring trade.

The fair was a medley of sounds and sights. The ‘bhangra’ performance was fabulous. The beat of drums, shrill notes of pipes and improvised, flutes, peals of bells, all combined to produce a strange babel. The fair had been a success where people enjoyed themselves to the fullest. I returned home happy and delighted, late in the evening.

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