A kind action can go a long way. Narrate an incident from your own experience when someone was kind to you at a time when you were feeling very depressed. Give details of the kind action and say how this caused a change in you.

A Kind Action Can Go a Long Way

I had been preparing hard for a scholarship examination conducted by an NGO. The award of the scholarship was the professional course I was keen to pursue. I knew that with the limited resources of my family and the heavy fees of the professional course, I might have to sacrifice my choice. It was then that I learnt about this NGO and the scholarship examination.

I had put in my best efforts to prepare for that examination. I was feeling confident when I woke up in the morning on the day of the examination. My mother told me that my father had to leave early in the morning due to some urgent office work and she would take me to the examination centre which was on the other side of the city.

When I was getting ready, I heard my mother’s voice. I rushed to see her. She had slipped on the wet floor and got her ankle sprained. She was not able to put her foot on the ground. I immediately rushed to my neighbour who was a doctor. He came immediately and gave first aid and some pain relievers to my mother.

In all this hustle, I got late with my schedule for getting ready for the exam. My mother told me that she would manage to accompany me. I told her to take a rest and assured her that I would manage to reach there. I got ready, wished my mother and left.

I reached the metro station to learn that the metro was running slow due to some technical breakdown. I was feeling scared as I was about to lose a chance of my lifetime. All my dreams were looking like going down the drain.

It was at this moment when I got lucky. A cab driver spotted that I was looking nervous and asked me if he could help me. I told him of my problem. He offered to take me to the examination centre. I told him that I did not have enough money to pay him. He told me that though money is important in life it is not the only thing in life. He urged me to sit in the cab.

He took me to the examination centre. When I offered to pay him with whatever small amount of money I had, he refused. I told him that if he can give his contact number, I will repay him later but again he refused it politely.

I appeared in the examination and was awarded a merit scholarship. I was able to fulfil my dreams and also improve the financial condition of my family. To date, I have not forgotten my unidentified angel. His kind actions have changed my whole life.

Today whenever I see someone who needs some help, I make it a point to stop by and help in every possible way, irrespective of the urgency of my personal or professional work.

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