A family without pets is an incomplete family. Express your views either for or against this statement.

A Family Without Pets is an Incomplete Family

In today’s fast-paced world and emerging nuclear family structures in urban households, it is evident that traditional values of one’s and love is losing their essence in proportion to the “busyness” of immediate family members. Cutthroat competitions in school performances, markets, companies and firms as well as looming financial burdens increasing at the expense of better lifestyles have a direct impact on the quality of domestic life we live and the relationships we build.

The idea of adopting pets becomes an interesting coping mechanism in today’s relationship blues. Pets like dogs are known for their loyalty and sincere love to their owners and are famously called, “man’s best friend”. They develop keen-ness towards old-age and newborn alike and serve as companions and protectors whilst taking care of them through gestures and emotions not seen in other animals. In doing so, a bond is created between humans and animals that binds the family together. Furthermore, the attention and focus on the pet create a self-less dominion of care-taking for members that find themselves driven towards a single goal, collectively. The purpose is not served only by co-existing but by acknowledging each other’s different wants and needs that eventually lead to empathetic values towards and among family members.

Furthermore, pets can be attention-seekers that demand routine and divert members’ inclusiveness to a more social approach. For example, taking one’s pet for a walk daily, going to shop for pet food, taking part in pet festivals that include games and competitions, or going to the vet – such activities harbour a sense of togetherness among children and adults alike that find these opportunities pleasant. Pets can also be great supporters in grievous and challenging times.

Hence, nowadays, the adoption of pets has proven to be a significant way to strengthen ties as well as to ground one’s reality in humanitarian and social relations rather than a solely virtual one. The family now comes to constitute of parents, children and pet(s) and prove to work together stronger and healthier than others. It can be rightly suggested that, “A family without pets is an incomplete family.

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