What are the 5 levels of Maslow hierarchy of needs?

Abraham Maslow innovate the theory of self actualization. Maslow identified five sets of human needs. The five sets of need are arranged in a hierarchy of their importance to individuals.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs includes the following:

1. Physiological Needs

Basic needs of human being are physiological needs. Food clothing and shelter come under it. Such needs lie at the lowest level of hierarchy. According to Maslow, such needs are to be satisfied first and then the other needs.

2. Safety and Security Needs

This second needs come under the hierarchy of needs. People need:

  • Safety of life and property
  • Security of job, income and investment.

3. Social Needs

Human beings also feel the need to belong to a group or community. Nobody would prefer to live in isolation from the rest of the society or group. They prefer to be loved and cared by the others – i. e. their family members, work mates, friends, superiors and others.

4. Esteem Needs

It talks about the Ego needs. People always feel that others should respect them. People like others should praise and give recognition. Everyone like other others should have good opinion about them in society/among the people

5. Self actualization needs

These needs lie at the highest level of the hierarchy of needs. Very few people have such needs. Such needs induce a person to accomplish something special which others have not done. The need for challenging jobs, or the need for highest level of promotion comes from these needs. In other words, through self actualization needs, a person feels the need to realize one’s potential to the highest possible level.

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